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Covid 19 Aid by Shalom Ministries International Stevenage…

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Covid 19 Aid by Shalom Ministries International Stevenage…

Shalom Ministries international – a church based in Stevenage in the United Kingdom and with branches in Ghana on Saturday the 19th of June, 2020 donated bags of rice to all their church members and all those will be in need during the covid 19 pandemic. 

The church took this initiative when an extension to the lockdown in the United Kingdom was extended by another three weeks.  

Senior Pastor of the church Rev Mrs. Margaret Maccarthy told PatMac radio that, the church has felt how difficult life can be for the members who have been asked to stay home and have run out of money. Most members too cannot come out since they are genuinely not able to come out to shop. Others are also having issues with their documents of stay which will not allow them to access government funds. Therefore the church stepped in to support such people in these times  

The Senior Pastor with the help of some of the ministers of the church – observing social distancing distributed the bags of rice to the homes of the beneficiaries. 

The members also expressed their joy and appreciation on what the church leadership has done… 

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