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George Floyd… A Perfect Picture

Bringing Radio to Life

George Floyd… A Perfect Picture

Look at the world we are living in
the same ones that are suppose to protect him
are the ones that killed him
who can you trust
no faith in the justice system, uprising is a most misplaced hate directed at us
Black lives matter
whiy is it that all they do is chatter
actions speaks louder, heard it on a wire
forget lockdowncause its one death does that mean we shouldnt riot
he didnt deserve to die, his name was more than George Floyd
sadness to see tears in his mums eyes cos she lost her baby boy
and there is more black deaths . everyday there is another.
suggest your unity comes correct
treat each other like brothers and sisters
these cops that are killing blacks
hope they rot in prison forever and never come back
but will that be the end
in a couple of years will you forget what happened again?
let me remind you black lives matter
stop them from letting all the black blood splatter

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