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Were The Anunnakis Real?

There are so many stories surrounding the existence of man. where we all come from and where we are headed toward. All schools of thought bring their version of stories and expect us to understand but my question as a researcher is that, are all these stories true? if yes why does one earthly specie called man has so many origins and if no then where and which is the truth?

The video attached to this article explains the ancient rulers called the Anunnaki were present and ruled this planet.

Considering the evidence provided by this documentary, the Anunnaki existed and were the first rulers which interrupted the genetic make of humans..

So where are the children of these so called rulers and where are they now… it is worth listening…

Questions for the Ghanaian Voter…

People cast their votes in presidential and parliamentary elections at a polling station in Tesano, Accra, Ghana, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012.

The main problems of politicians in Ghana as addressed by this formal minister happens to be the major issue facing the political front in Ghana today. The habit of procuring funds from individuals for political campaigns then these funds become a point or a tool to control the politician into working to please a particular person or people when they win power.

This has been the main source of misappropriation and mismanagement of states funds and resources. The sad part of the whole deal is that the ordinary Ghanaian who happens to have no say in the latent agreement and has put all hopes on the politician or the political party will be the one to suffer or bear the cost of these senseless deals.


Laws made to favour the few by these politicians which are being pushed by these so-called donors but are vampires behind the scene controlling the gears of power.

Now the question is – for corruption to be eradicated should the voter look out for the politician who will spend less money in campaigning or should the voter desist from voting at all?


Nana Yaw Abrantie

I dont have any rights on the video uploaded…